Dear Classmates,

I hope this update finds you and your family well during this very challenging and difficult time.  Remember, we’re all here for each other, so if you’re needing some assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Please allow me to share highlights from the recent Council of Class Presidents meeting, a twice-a-year gathering sponsored by the Alumni Association and Foundation.  This spring’s meeting was virtual and well attended, with an interesting variety of important topics discussed:

Current state of USNA and the Brigade (as briefed by the Commandant, Captain Thomas R. Buchanan):

  • All midshipmen are sheltering in place INCONUS, with approximately 40 to 50 midshipman residing in Bancroft Hall.
  • The number of midshipmen infected by COVID is in the single digits, with no hospitalizations.
  • A virtual graduation is planned for the class of 2020, with more details to be announced.
  • Plebe summer will occur, with details under discussion.

Alumni Center project

  • $22M building project for a 65,000 square foot building across from Bishop Stadium on King George Street.
  • Construction begins October 2020, and is complete July 2022.
  • August 2020 Shipmate will discuss class naming opportunities, similar to those at Navy and Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.
  • Expected class naming opportunities at 100K and 250K milestones.
  • Individual recognition opportunities at 12.5K; this donation also counts toward the class financial milestone.

Virtual Service Academy Career Conference (SACC)

  • Outstanding participation: 63 companies and 502 job seekers.
  • SACC Central is online with postings for jobs.

Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP)

Almost 4,000 alumni participate in a Mentor/Protégé relationship through the Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP). Please consider participating! We have a lot to offer to fellow alumni that might be transitioning out of the service or to a new career field.

Chapel Dome Heirlooms

Renovations are currently underway to replace the aging copper dome. Herff Jones is offering heirlooms from material salvaged, to include ornaments, jewelry, challenge coins, and framed heirlooms. Click here for more information and to purchase!

Objective Zero

Objective Zero, a Class of 1998 initiative, is an app that leverages existing support networks (classmates) to provide timely support to Veterans through their hard days. The objective of the initiative is zero additional suicides. A motion was approved by the COCP to formally request that the Alumni Association and Foundation and NAAA recognize Objective Zero at Navy sporting events.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief update, and I’m glad to answer any questions you might have.  Please feel free to contact me anytime at

Stay safe and healthy! Now’s the Time, 89!

Fondly, Denise

Posted by Ingar Grev on May 5, 2020

Dear Classmates:

As the President of the newly elected board of class representatives, I’d like to express our deepest thanks for placing your trust and confidence in us. Our group includes Heather Purvis (VP), Tony Newpower (Treasurer), Heidi Fleming (Secretary), Joe Fagan (Operations), and Clint Carroll and Edwin Henderson (Members at Large). We are excited and honored to work with you over the next several years, and relish your feedback and suggestions in all that we do!

A million thanks are not enough to extend to those classmates who have gone before us in this role. Please let me start with Ingar Grev, who led us for approximately 20 years through four reunions and two class gifts. Words are hardly enough to say an appropriate thank you. Andy Caufield and Brian Caldwell are also two teammates who represented us brilliantly for fifteen years. And there are so many others … let us just conclude by saying that we have HUGE shoes to fill.

A special thanks to Chris Owens as the coordinator for our recent reunion, as well as all of the reunion committee. It was a brilliant success and a total blast!

Thank you to all who contributed to our class gift campaign — I’ll be sending a wrap-up email with details on this project as soon as the final accounting is complete.

I don’t want to make this too long, but just want you to know that we’re going to be working hard as a board to keep you informed, get your input, and do our very best to contribute to the lasting legacy of our class in our support of our fabulous institution.

Now’s the Time, 89!


Denise, Heather, Tony, Heidi, Joe, Clint and Ed

Posted February 20, 2020 by Ingar Grev

Yard Gouge: We get some great gouge at the last Council of Class Presidents meeting, so I took lots of notes! Topics include the recent drug busts, the 7th Fleet collisions and training, and some interesting stats about how admissions have changed. Check it out in “Yard Gouge:

Football Season and ’89 Tailgaters! Regardless of whether you have tickets or you just want to hang out with classmates for a few hours, we’re looking forward to seeing you this fall! Keep an eye on, our Facebook group, or our listserver for gouge on our home game festivities! Let me know if you want to volunteer!

Alumni Mentoring Program: Remember to sign up if you haven’t done so, yet! Be a mentor to a fellow alum, or even consider being a protégé! Learn more and sign up here

Virtual Memorial Hall. We’re looking to “fill in the history” of our fallen classmates. Go to the Virtual Memorial Hall and just follow the instructions (register at the site or e-mail Patrick McConnell ’02) to submit some of your memories and help us remember our lost friends.

Shared Interest Groups: The Alumni Association has accepted three shared interest groups (USNA Women, Run to Honor, and the USNA Minority Association) as enduring Alumni Association Programs. Navigate here to learn more.

Share your Sea Stories! This is a cool feature that the Alumni Association put in place to help us document and share our stories from our USNA and Fleet experience. 1989 is currently empty (although I just submitted one), so let’s tilt the scales in our favor! Let me know when you publish something and I’ll help get the word out! Click here to publish yours!

Distinguished Graduate Award Nominations. In the past, I’ve taken a soft approach to the Distinguished Graduate Award process, but now that we are getting a little long in the tooth, I think it’s time that we began formalizing our process of considering and putting forward nominations. At this point, I’d like to put out a call for a volunteer who would be willing to spearhead our nomination process. E-mail or call me if your interested! Click here to learn more about the DGA.

Class/Alumni Watch Project. Thanks for taking our Class / Alumni Watch survey a few weeks ago! We’ve got an updated survey based on those results – please click this link to learn more and take the new survey. It’s much shorter than the last one (just a couple of minutes) and it closes 8/24.

30th Reunion: click here to read the latest update

Class Gift: click here to read the latest update

Homecoming Golf (2018). Anyone interested in playing golf with classmates at Homecoming this year? Learn more here and let Craig Washington know if you’re interested in putting together / joining an 89 foursome.