Class of ’89 Officers

Incoming Board of Directors (Jan 2020 – Dec 2022 term):

President Elect: Denise Willert (Board term through 2025)

Vice President Elect: Heather Purvis (Board term through 2025)

Operations Officer Elect: Joe Fagan (Board term through 2025)

Secretary Elect: Heidi Fleming (Board term through 2022)

Treasurer Elect: Tony Newpower (Board term through 2025)

At Large Elect: Clint Carrol (Board term through 2022)

At Large Elect: Edwin Henderson (Board term through 2022)

2019 Board of Directors Election Gouge

Current Class Officers (through December 31, 2019)

Ingar_A_Grev-561740President:  Ingar Grev (Email:

Joseph_M_Fagan-567200Vice President:  Joe Fagan (Email:

Brian_V_Caldwell-566290Treasurer:  Brian Caldwell

James_A_Caufield-563960Secretary:  Andy Caufield




Other Class Leaders

Craig_J_Washington-565300At-Large:  Craig Washington (

Joel_S_McFadden-559300Shipmate CorrespondingSecretary:  Scott McFadden (

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