IMPORTANT! You MUST have a ticket to the Tulane football game to enter our reunion tailgater (A BIG CHANGE from our past reunions).

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Updated August 11, 2019 by Ingar Grev


2/23/19 Update: Click here to see the draft reunion agenda.

A football ticket is required to enter our tailgater (BIG CHANGE from our past reunions) – click here to get the gouge if you want to get a jump on the tickets.

11/4/18 Update: Start booking your hotels!

Just like we did at the 15th Reunion, we won’t be using a host hotel for our 30th, so we haven’t blocked rooms anywhere…so have at it! Use your favorite travel app, use up your miles, consider booking one of the Historic Inns of Annapolis, or take a look at AirBNB

Less than a year away!!!!

8/12/18 Update: The question many are asking is “when can we start booking hotels?”

Just like we did for our 15th Reunion, we will not be using a host hotel for our 30th. Although there are upsides to having a host hotel like we did for our 20th and 25th, it can also have a number of downsides – particularly the commitments we are obligated to meet. Without a host hotel, we have much greater planning flexibility.

The only real downside to not having a host hotel is that we don’t have a large block of rooms reserved in one hotel this time. Moreover, given our participation in the American Athletic Association, we now have fewer options for selecting weekends in advance of the actual year of the reunion – the only Home dates that are locked in 2019 are Air Force and Homecoming. What that means is that any class that wants to book a reunion in advance of 2018 only has two choices, so there’s going to be a good deal of interest in hotel rooms for those two weekends. Bottom line: it’s not a bad idea to start securing your hotel room as soon as possible (generally hotels will not take reservations more than 1-year out).

You all know the drill – there are plenty of hotels in downtown Annapolis and around the area in Parole, Bowie, BWI, etc. AirBnB and other house rental options are also available, as are a number of beds and breakfast. If you can’t book anything yet for the weekend, it’s a good idea to set a reminder as we get closer to that 1-year out point to get your room locked down.

If you are interested in being a part of the reunion committee, please contact Joe Fagan at

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