Join the Class of ’89 and 25th Company as Navy takes on undefeated UCF this Saturday!

Kickoff is at 1530 on Saturday, October 21, so start coming by around 1230 or so to enjoy the day! We’ll be there an hour or so after the game as well!

We’ll bring the beer, wine, coffee, water, soft drinks, infrastructure, etc. (donations appreciated!!) If you would like to bring a dish to share, please sign up here to let others know what you’re bringing (for coordination purposes). You don’t need to sign up to bring up anything, and…You DO NOT need to bring a dish or anything to attend!!!!!

Stuff to know:

  • No need to register like in previous years since we no longer need to plan for food (we’ll always have plenty of drinks)
  • We will not be proactively asking for donations, but since the class fund never buys consumables (beer, napkins, gas, etc.) or equipment (apart from the tent and part of the trailer), nor does it pay for repairs/maintenance, we appreciate you offering a few bucks when you come to help us keep doing this.
  • Our big grill, chafing trays, and 7000W of power are at your disposal! Crock pots, microwave, blender, hot plates, grilling a bunch of sausages, steaks – whatever! Just let us know in advance if you have some special preparation needs (we don’t bring crock pots, blenders, hot plates) so we can plan accordingly.
  • If you have a bunch of food to drop off, but no parking pass, you can pull over behind our tailgater (most folks do it on Linden Ave.) and just drop things off – we’ll send people over to grab your stuff!
  • BRINGING FOOD OR MONEY IS NOT REQUIRED FOR ATTENDANCE!!!! Just come – YOU being there is way more important than anything else. I can’t stress this strongly enough – please do not say. “We can’t go to the ‘89 tailgater because we didn’t bring anything and we don’t have any cash to help pay for the beer.” It’s not a party without you.

WHO CAN COME: Everyone and anyone! The more the merrier! Invite co-workers, neighbors, clients, grads from other classes, even whoops! it doesn’t matter!

HOW IT WORKS: We’ll bring adult beverages, soft drinks, tents, tables, chairs, music – everything. Please bring some food to share, or just bring yourself!!!

LOCATION:  This map shows where we are (Spot 31). It also gives you the location of all the other tailgates! Use it to find friends from other classes!

PARKING:  Click here to get to the fan / parking guide. If you have a parking pass, you’ll need to come in Gate 3A if you want to park close to us.  This guidance is not applicable for Admiral’s Row parking.

OTHER QUESTIONS: Call me/Text me at 443-744-1059 or e-mail me at  During game day, it can be difficult for me to hear / feel the phone ringing, but keep trying! Texting is definitely most effective on game day.

Go Navy! Beat UCF!