Update from Jim “JT” O’Farrell (571-283-1871) the Reunion Committee coordinator for football tickets for our upcoming USNA 30th Reunion.

A football ticket is required for the class tailgater!!!

Reunion football ticket gouge is below – register for the reunion here.

What’s different with this reunion vs. our prior reunions? Because our tailgater is taking place INSIDE the stadium, you MUST MUST MUST have a ticket to the game in addition to your tailgater ticket. You can’t physically get to our reunion tailgater without a game ticket. Note: If you ‘re a season ticket holder, you can use those tickets.

Working with Jordan Albright from the Naval Academy Athletic Association, we have coordinated a couple options for tickets:

  1. Block of 400 Seats in Section 25 @ $45/ticket located on the Visitor side facing brigade. Why Section 25? Because these seats are close proximity to our tailgater.
  2. Sit on the Hill tickets $30 for adults; $20 for kids – these tickets are for standing room only on the grass

To order tickets, click here and use promo code 1989. Once you enter the promo code, you will enter the ticket quantity and proceed to checkout.

NOTE: When you’re ordering from the site:

  1. The Reserved Seats (Section 25) are $45, but because the $30 tickets are also under the reunion price type you have to select the “reserved seat” type for a seat.
  2. The “Billy the Kid” kids tickets (Children 12 & Under) are ONLY for Hill seating, not Section 25 seating.

Jordan Albright is ready to help you if you have any questions ordering tickets. He can be reached at (410) 293-8791 or albright@usna.edu

Posted by Ingar Grev