– Retirement-Palooza Update

Posted: 4/24/2019

Posted on behalf of CAPT Edwin Henderson ’89

The retirement palooza is in need of JO/Midn sideboys and/or participants for Old Glory. There may be some JOs coming from the USNA staff but we would love for as many participants as possible to have some connection to the class. They need not be USNA mids or JOs. ROTC is fine if they are 89 offspring; that’s connection enough.

We realize summer training will have begun so availability will likely be limited, but if your JO or Mid is interested and available, please contact me (edwin.henderson89@gmail.com) ASAP. Crunch time is fast approaching.

Thx all. Fast approaching the 30 day chow call!




Posted by Ingar Grev on April 24, 2019