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We learned a great deal from our first Bremont Class / USNA Watch survey – thank you so much to everyone who participated!

One of the most exciting things we learned was that we have more than enough classmates who are interested in buying a CLASS WATCH.

Probably the biggest insight we got from the survey was interest in some other face color, so we’d like your thoughts on this beautiful new design.Some reminders:

  • The price range would be somewhere in the $2000-$3000 range.
  • Just like the previous survey, we’d like everyone to take the survey for the generic “USNA Graduate Watch.” That’s the option we are proposing for all graduates.
  • For the ’89-specific watch, be honest about whether you would buy one. You are not committing to anything, but if there’s no way you’ll shell out $2000+ for a watch, please select “no” for that question.

That’s it! Click here to take the new survey; it closes 8/24/18.

Please e-mail Kelly Brown at if you have any questions!

Posted by Ingar

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