– Glee Club Alumni Attending Reunion – please read!

Posted: 10/21/2019

Class of ’89 Glee Club Alumni! You are invited to sing at the Class Memorial Service in Memorial Hall on Friday, 10/25 at 10:00 AM.  We will be presenting “Amazing Grace” at the beginning of the service, and “Eternal Father” at the conclusion.

There is an ’89 Glee Club Reunion – hosted by Shawn James – planned for 6PM on Thursday, 10/24. Chuck Messenger has been coordinating the music. In addition to singing some of our old standards “just for fun” at this event, we will be rehearsing “Amazing Grace” and “Eternal Father” for the Memorial Service.  More information on the Glee Club Reunion gathering is posted on Facebook

You do NOT need to attend the Glee Club Reunion in order to sing at the Memorial Service.

All singers, please meet in the Rotunda at 0900 on Friday 10/25 to go through the music.  That is a little on the early side, but we want to ensure we have ample time to determine how we are standing and to go through both hymns.

Here are links to the hymns:

Amazing Grace

Eternal Father:

Please contact Lisa Skaggs Thomas (click to open up your email client) if you have any questions!

If you are not going to the Reunion Gathering, would you please RSVP to Lisa so we have an approximate head count?

Thank you so much, and hopefully we’ll see you at the Glee Club Reunion AND at the Memorial Service!”

Posted on behalf of Lisa Skaggs Thomas by Ingar Grev on October 20, 2019. Updated by Ingar Grev on October 22, 2019.