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Our theme is standard tailgater fare of hamburgers and hotdogs. so if you’re a “foodie” and would like to help us with the menu, please let me know at

A colleague in the bourbon business told me that he’s going to bring some fine bottles along for us to enjoy, so don’t miss it!

A few reminders:

Tickets: you don’t need no stinking tickets to come to your tailgater! Come hang out and drink some beers and break some bread with classmates you haven’t seen in years!

Want to Volunteer? We could always use volunteers for heavy lifting (set up and shut down) but – again – what’s most important is that you come.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER TO COME! It just helps us plan, but we always have stragglers and we always plan for stragglers.

Donations: Just donate whatever you want, nothing, or in kind. What’s most important is that you join us! We’re bringing beer, wine, soft drinks, water, coffee, tea, and a few odds and ends, so there’s no need to bring drinks along!

If there’s a chance you might come, please click here and register by Thursday night so that we can start buying food on Friday!

Beat The Crusaders!