CDX Trophy


Hope all are having a good Spring.

As you all know, our class project (where our fundraising is going well) in part funds the Cyber competitions for the mids to allow them gain a broader experience to Cyber outside the walls of the Yard

This last week, the mids competed in the NSA Cyber Defense Exercise, for students from the US service academies and from the Canadian Military College

Once again, under the strong leadership of our classmate Paul Tortora, our team won the competition!

Learn more at the following links.

Paul Dabbar ’89, Class Gift Chairman

The registration for the 25th Company Dining Out is finally live! Well, sort-of. You have to wait for Monday, April 10th when it officially opens, but here are the details for the 25th Company Dining Out:

Price: $55 per person

Register: Call MWF during working hours (I’m guessing 0900-1600, M-F) at (410) 293-8497.

No change to the date, time or location:

Date/Time: April 21st, 1800-2200

Where: DoubleTree Hotel in Annapolis (where the Holiday Inn used to be).

Beat Army!